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Violation of the property rights of commercial names

I have a trademark and name registered in Dubai and I was surprised that someone else used the same mark, name, and activity I want to stop this aggression immediately and compensate What are my rights and what legal options are available?

Yes, there are two ways that you must act to obtain your full rights and ensure that no such attack is repeated, one civilian, by demanding that the business know-how be written off with compensation and the other criminal against the person causing it

1 Civil right
Claim your civil rights and demand that its business information be written off with compensation

Article 26 of the Trade Marking Act stipulates that no business information may be registered in accordance with or similar to a previously recorded information on the same products or services or on products or services that are not similar to those that are used The mark to be registered may create an impression of being linked to the products or services of the registered owner of the mark or lead to the possibility of damaging his or her interests.

In this case, you may seek to try and demand to stop infringing on its business science, to rule out, revoke the restriction and record its commercial flags, and to prevent that person from using his or her flags again with the demand to compensate for the damage that befell you, your loss of profits and your loss.

2. With regard to the penal route:

Because of the infringement of that person’s business science and the registered person’s name, whether by using them without right or by imitation, the offense constitutes an infringement of his or her commercial science in accordance with article 37 of 1992, amended by Act No. 8/2002 Coll.

The said article stipulates that: Imprisonment and a penalty of not less than five thousand dirhams or one of these two penalties shall be punished:

The first step is to make the first step toward the end of the year and to make the first step toward the end of the year.

The first step is to make the first step toward the end of the year and to make the first step toward the end of the year.

3 anyone who sells, offers, exchanges or has the intent to sell products that are marked as counterfeit, counterfeit, or otherwise unduly placed with knowledge of this.