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Do Dubai Courts Agree To Apply a Foreign Law?

Do Dubai Courts Agree To Apply a Foreign Law? 800 800 Amal Khamis Advocates & Legal Consultants

My wife is of the same nationality as me, and she has filed a divorce case against me before Dubai courts and requested custody of the children. For religious and social reasons, I want to apply the law in force in our country.

Do Dubai courts agree to apply a foreign law?

Yes, UAE law has allowed UAE courts, including Dubai courts, according to the law
Article 1 of the Federal Act No. 28 of 2005 concerning the personal status of the United Arab Emirates, provides in its second paragraph that it is
The provisions of this Act shall apply to UAE citizens unless otherwise provided Non-Muslims have special provisions for their community and their parents, and they apply to non-citizens unless one of them adheres to the application of its law
Therefore, in accordance with UAE law,

you have the right to apply your country’s law to your case, in accordance with the above-mentioned article, and you must provide a duly documented copy of the Personal Status Act in force in Your country is applied by Dubai courts after making sure that all the conditions required by UAE law for the application of foreign law are met in this case

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