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When Can the Court commute the punishment

Commute The Punishment And Reduce It On The Accused

Commute The Punishment And Reduce It On The Accused 800 800 Amal Khamis Advocates & Legal Consultants

Do we have any chance to have the jail sentence reduced?

When can the court commute the punishment and reduce it on the accused?

jail sentence reduced

jail sentence reduced

The young age of the defender or committing the crime while not having malicious motives or of the serious provocation of the wrongdoing made by the victim.

When can the court impose maximum punishment on the accused?

  • They Committed the crime with heinous motives
  • The Commission of the crime by taking advantage of the victim’s poor perception, inability to resist, or in circumstances that others cannot defend him.
  • Commission of the crime by means of brutality or mutilation of the victim.
  • the occurrence of the crime by a public official by the use of his or her position or capacity unless the law establishes a special penalty in this capacity.