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How To Turn To Arbitration

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How To Turn To Arbitration, Arbitration Clause in the agreement

Commercial and Business Agreements

Regulation of Commercial and Business Agreements

Our lawyers have the know-how and instincts required to provide for and ensure your rights by reviewing Commercial or business agreements in the most sophisticated industries, in new and emerging legal environments, and in highly mature markets. The breadth of our experience means we know what to expect and we know what is likely to be an issue. We forewarn you and we know the optimal solutions.

I signed a contract with one company and we agreed that in case of any dispute between us we will turn to arbitration. I was surprised that the company filed a case before Dubai courts. Does arbitration bind them or not? What are my rights?

UAE law provides full protection to the Commercial and Business Agreements signed between parties as long as there is no conflict between them and the law. 

Concerning the arbitration clause in commercial cases, it binds the two parties. If one party files a case before the court ignoring the arbitration clause, the other party shall insist on the arbitration and take positive action at the first session by submitting an objection against filing a case before the court by the first party. Therefore, the court shall not accept the case due to the arbitration clause after ensuring the existence of the arbitration clause in the commercial or business agreement.  

The opponent shall resort to arbitration complying with the contract conditions if he/she wants to continue in the dispute.

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