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Execution of Foreign Judgments in UAE

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Foreign Judgments Execution in UAE 800 800 AmalKhamis

Foreign Judgments Execution in UAE

Foreign Judgments Execution in UAE I have got final judgment against my husband who was my commercial partner also.  I have got also civil, commercial and personal status judgments issued by foreign courts but I was surprised that after issuance of these judgments and before their execution my husband traveled and transferred his money, works…


Providing the best quality standards for our services all the time, in addition to our interest in ensuring customer comfort and satisfaction.


We have experts specialized in all matters of law, including Family law, Commercial and Corporates issues, Banking, Navigation and Transportation, Labor cases, Litigation, Arbitration and Real Estate.


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The office recognizes the importance of training its employees at the highest level so that customers can rely on our experience in the various complex aspects of the law and receive the best possible service tailored to their needs, the office provides services in Arabic, English, French, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, and Persian.


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Our Dubai based Law Firm have resolved thousands of cases which truly reflects their trust upon us. As we have many specialists in different fields of law consultation as Arbitration , Mediation , Family Cases & Laws , Inheritance , Genetics and Legacies Cases , Commercial Crime & Cases , Criminal Cases , Drug Cases , Civil Cases & Laws , Divorce Case , Real Estate Cases.

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U.A.E criminal law is a federal law derived from several provisions of Islamic Sharia, Our office has a team of licensed lawyers who represent clients accused of federal crimes and criminal offenses in the U.A.E, Our lawyers work with their clients until the case is closed in first instance court / appeal court / Supreme Court. We guarantee that our clients are represented fairly, legally, and fully throughout the entire justice process


personal law services cover mainly divorce, child custody, alimony, and more. The governing of marital disputes is available via a group of relevant experts in family law with international competence, Amal Khamis Advocates is committed to the sensitive handling of all cases with regards to the handing over and attestation of documents to relevant parties


Amal Khamis Advocates Specialized in Cases that considered as unlawful misuse or fraud of funds that lead to financial loss that affect any person or corporates and these financial crimes have variety of shapes as Fraud, Extortion, Money Laundering and also scammed or conned out of money and as known these kind of crimes affect people, companies & corps or even country economic status with bad way.


Amal Khamis Have Lawyers that strong knowledge of Real Estate & Properties Federal and Local Laws which Real Estate & Properties Investment or Trading Also construction projects and investments in UAE. We Known also with our years of experience in Legal advisory in this field to many of investors, Owners – Sellers & Buyers, Real Estate Construction Investments Companies And Construction Companies, Contractors and Developers


Our office Known with knowledge in Notable Commercial Laws and we also have specialized Lawyers in this firm that have great experience in Commercial obligations and Commercial Contracts also everything related to Securities market and what related also to bank issues & banking as bank deposits, bank loans, current accounts, Cheques & Bounced Cheques,bank transfers, and with this knowledge we offer our great services for corps in Consultancy recurring Services, Legal Actions or Full Legal Contracts Cooperation


We have specialized Lawyers in Will & Probate field as we Close many successful cases in Inheritance & Legacies Cases that going through death that happened in family then after death they have difficulty dealing with Legal demands that need true judgemental process that Following up Sharia law in UAE For Muslim nationals and for Non-Muslim this process taking this process using option that allows them to go through DIFC.


We Have Great History full of successful Civil cases and Civil Litigation with specialized lawyers in Civil Litigation as Study our clients cases carefully and analysis all insights towards successful presentation in UAE Courts as we offer our legal consultancy and litigation services for cases as insurance cases and different legal services as Fire, Life and industrial insurance, Personal Injury Claims, Construction Liability lawsuits, anti-trust litigation, environmental law and medical malpractice claims.


In DUI claims it’s not the legal matter that anybody have to underestimated it As Drunk Driving is not easy thing to bypass in UAE because it is not only causing the harming for you but other people also able to got hurt because of this action we here Have Specialized lawyers in DUI Cases as we Handling arbitration & representation also all Legal paperwork & Actions Process as your attorneyies with the best cost in UAE, Also our great history in close these kind of cases with high Successful rate.


The Major issue in any divorce case between husband and wife is each one needs the Guardian & Child custody of their kids and this conflict needs the right Judgemental process To decide correctly the judgment that will affect their lives and their child life of the rest of theirs life so this these judges depends on many factors which we study well to win your case as we known with our high rate to close these cases successfully.


these kind of cases needs the right procedures with true legal actions to solve it out to gain the employees rights or employer with special attention, Amal Khamis office known with handling all kind of this kind of cases as Employment Visa cancellation, Issuance and its renewal, Wrongful termination, Unpaid Salary, Compensations, End of Service Benefits, Employment contracts drafting, Termination policies, Human rights and equity issues.


We are Experienced in Divorce cases as we aspects all personal status laws with great knowledge of international law that dealing with legal fields of marriage, divorce and child custody that will marks us as reat lawyers in this field to helping you with our expert divorce lawyers as also we guarantee a commitment to confidentiality as we know that these family matters we will reach your goal as provide full presentation of you in court and give you the full legal support with great knowledge of Local & International Laws.


We are here for full Legal support in any kind of corporate practice that covers all sectors as banking & Investment Banking, Insurance & Re-Insurance Sector, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Energy, IT Sector, Hospitality, Tourism and Construction & Property Development as we support with full Legal Advice, Handling & Negotiate settlements, Handle bankruptcy and Restructuring agreements with full knowledge of Local & Internation and DIFC Laws.


Arbitration is the simplest policy used to resolve disputes amicably worldwide. Amal Khamis Advocates & Legal Consultancy is composed of qualified attorneys whose mission is to deal with arbitration procedures and proceedings inside and outside the U.A.E


Business Setup Establishment of companies Due to huge investments in Dubai, it has become an important city for both offshore and onshore companies that engage in trading. Our office is therefore equipped with qualified staff to handle company registration and contract execution. We help our clients set up offshore companies and open bank accounts


Our experienced team has the advantage of dealing with debtors more effectively and judging debtor’s behavior more accurately. We provide our debt collection services for a wide spectrum of individual and business clients, including large local and international industrial and commercial

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We pride ourselves in our quality, cost-effectiveness and timely results. Our team of lawyers has been operating through the legal sector in the UAE and in the Middle East for over 30 years.

Amal Khamis

Amal Khamis

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personal attention.

We have experts specialized in all matters of law, including family law, commercial and corporate issues, banking, navigation and transportation, work cases, litigation, arbitration and real estate.

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the best service.

The office recognizes the importance of training its employees at the highest level so that customers can rely on our experience in the various complex aspects of the law and receive the best service.

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