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What are the rights of the wife and children after divorce?

What are the rights of the wife and children after divorce?

What are the rights of the wife and children after divorce? 2500 2500 AmalKhamisAdvocates

What are the rights of the wife and children after divorce?

If the husband divorced his wife, UAE law and in order to preserve the family had guaranteed her several material and moral rights 

  1. The right to custody of their young children
  2. The right to an equipped, furnished, adequate and decent accommodation
  3. The right to electricity, water and telephone charges for housing and the recruitment of a maid
  4. The right to monthly expenditure for children for food, drink, transportation, entertainment and medical treatment.
  5. The right to a monthly nursery fee
  6.  The right to the tuition fees, including the travel expenses from home to school, the uniforms allowance and the fees supplements at the same school as they teach before divorce or the same level
  7.  The right to marital expenditure from the date of its omission, the expenditure of several and the conciliatory payment from the date of the divorce
  8. The right to an alimony
  9. The right to retain the origin and the original documents of children i.e. identity documents and healthcare documents.

Wife’s expense.  It includes food, cruelty, housing, doctors, and service to the wife if she is one of those who serve her family and what has been established between them during the marriage life.

 Its estimate shall take into account the capacity of the of the divorcee, economic condition and the time and place but the estimate shall not be less than sufficient.

 The ruling of expenses of all kinds, foster care and housing, the conditions upon which justice depends. The adequacy of the finding’s testaments

 “Article (63, 64, 78) Personal Status”

As the Court has ruled – the text of article 148, paragraph 2, of the Personal Status Act is stated:

The original is the ruling for the incubating mother for incubator’s wages if she has no residence in which she resides or is allocated for her housing within the concept of housing for the incubating mother, which already proves that the guardian of the of the child has prepared it for the incubating mother.

The result is that if the guardian of the child wants his divorced wife to care for his children in the marital home, he has vacate the marital home to achieve the concept of the allocation that provides independence to her and to the children and achieve the legitimacy that prevents them from participating in the benefits and facilities.

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